How to Make Compound Butter

Planning ahead and prepping ahead can make cooking so much easier. One quick way to add flavor to any dish is to make compound butter. With the herbs and spices blended into the butter, a quick dollop adds a flavor kick.

Try one of these great compound butter recipes.

All you need is a chef knife or santoku knife to finely mince the herbs and a fork to mash and blend the butter. Also try using kitchen shears, like Cutco’s Super Shears to snip the herbs to the desired size.


Use one stick of softened unsalted butter to create one of these great blends. You can add in salt to your taste or keep it out to reduce the amount of sodium.

Steak Butter
Finley minced garlic, blue cheese, finely minced chives and salt to taste.

Pork Butter
Finely minced rosemary, orange zest and salt to taste.

Pasta Butter
Lemon zest, finely minced mint and salt to taste.

Poultry Butter
Finely minced parsley, lime zest, cumin to taste and salt to taste.

Once combined, transfer the butter to parchment paper or plastic wrap and form the butter into a log. Chill for at least 2 hours before using.

Compound butter is also great atop a cooked steak or fish, use it to sauté shrimp and vegetables, or use it to smear on fresh corn on the cob.

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