12 Kitchen Knife Safety Tips

A sharp knife is a safe knife, but care and attention are required when working with them in the kitchen. Here are a few tips to keep you and anyone else working in your kitchen safe.

1. Maintain a sharp edge with periodic sharpening. A sharp knife allows you to have more control and when cutting. Consider professional sharpening once at-home maintenance is no longer cutting it.12 Kitchen Knife Safety Tips

2. Cut on a stable surface, preferably a plastic or wooden cutting board, that is knife-friendly.12 Kitchen Knife Safety Tips

3. Don’t use a knife as a can opener. This is just asking for trouble if the knife slips or if the tip breaks off.

4. Take your time while cutting, there’s no need to rush. Pay attention and enjoy the zen of cutting.

5. When cutting fruits and vegetables, cut them so there’s a flat side and lay it down for stable cutting.12 Kitchen Knife Safety Tips

6. Never put a knife in a sink full of water. I like to leave them to the end of my dish washing and then wash one at a time. Wash them with the blade facing away from you.12 Kitchen Knife Safety Tips

7. Never attempt to catch a falling knife. This may sound like a no-brainer, but resist that instinctive urge to grab it.

8. When handing a knife to someone else, lay it down on the work surface to let the other person pick it up.

9. When walking through the kitchen, hold the knife straight down at your side with the sharp edge facing behind you.12 Kitchen Knife Safety Tips

10. Never lick a knife. It’s just a bad idea. Teach your kids this lesson early.

11. Store knives properly in sturdy sheaths, in trays or in a wood block. It keeps you safe and your knives safe.12 Kitchen Knife Safety Tips

12. Place your guide hand into a claw position when cutting. Keep your fingers and thumb tucked under to avoid and mishaps.12 Kitchen Knife Safety Tips

Remember, the key to good knife habits is to go slow, practice, follow proper safety guidelines and have fun!

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