Simple, Healthy Eating Habits for the New Year

Resolving to eat better is one of the top things people hope to do when the calendar turns to a new year. Making the resolution is easy. Keeping it takes a little effort.

We asked Registered/Certified Dietitian Nutritionist Erin Burch for some simple tips to keep us on track.

1. Make changes slowly: Instead of doing a juice detox or intense exercise routine, aim for 1 to 2 simple changes a week. For example, drink more water, pack a lunch instead of ordering out or strive to add more vegetables into your meal planning.healthy-habits-1

2. Remove temptations: Throw out or donate foods that aren’t going to help you meet your goals and replace them with healthier options. If they aren’t in your house, they can’t temp you.


3. Make exercise fun, not something you dread: Find a friend, or try a new exercise class or activity. Adding fun to a fitness routine can keep you motivated, and a more effective exercise.


4. Cut out processed foods: Say no to foods that boast “fat free,” “light,” “reduced fat” and “calorie free.” These products are heavily processed, with added chemicals and ingredients that your body doesn’t need or want.

5. Prep and Plan: Set aside a few hours to grocery shop, plan your meals and snacks, and prep any foods to make your week easier. If you fail to plan, then plan to fail.

If you have any suggestions for a future blog post from Erin, let us know.

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